BalanCity Mod Apk (infinite currency)

BalanCity is a physics building / city balance game. This is a mix between SimCity and Jenga old school. You have to build the city soaring above the balance platform while keeping your citizens happy. You can build residences, offices, power plants, train stations, airports, landmarks and more.

 You can play in different game modes:
 • Free Build: A sandbox where your only limitation is gravity.
 • Scenario: Based on a real-life city, you must build all landmarks before the city collapses.

 Game Features
 • Simulation of direct city development involving population, energy, employment, pollution, approval ratings and more.
 • Involves balance physics that will make your city falter and collapse.
 • World tours in eight world capitals such as New York, San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo and many more.
 • Avoid disasters such as fire, riots and crime waves that send emergency services.
 • Four different powerups are available to help you build a city.
 • Connect with Facebook to check the highest marks of your friends and defeat them.

BalanCity Mod Apk (infinite currency)

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