Battle Spheres Mod Apk (Menu mod/ One Hit/ God Mode/ PvE & PvP)

Collect the legendary "Battle Spheres" and collect the greatest Arena team ever in the world! 

*********** Easy to Play ***********
Battle Spheres features simple but addictive games. Slingshot Battle Sphere You become your enemy - or even each other to activate extraordinary skills and spells! Develop devious strategies and position your team to escape the most powerful enemy attacks! Stools go through challenging levels and arenas that await you with your goals and skills, and treasures and glory await you! 

*********** EXPLOSIVE Gameplay Real-time Multiplayer! ***********
Not strong enough to clear the stage yourself? Feel the need to show off the newly evolved five star hero you just got with your friends? Tired of walking around at night and want to play with your friends? Then Battle Sphere's real-time Cooperative multi-player action mission is just for you! Hijack more challenging opponents and bosses with your trusted friends at your side and better treasures await you at the end of the battle! 

*********** Call, Capture and Evolve Diverse Characters! ***********
Capture, fuse, and increase many Spheres Epic battles and build your own team to defeat all teams! Face the big and small challenges and try to be the master of your kingdom, accompanied every time by your unique team from Battle Spheres! Master 5 elements and use them to your advantage while you are in the arena!

 *********** No World Revealed to be explored! ***********
Keep an eye on constant updates in the game! There will be dungeons and new searches to do with new and exciting tactical challenges ... and of course, when we find the Spherea world together, we will also uncover many ancient BATHER SPHERES, myths!

Battle Spheres Mod Apk (Menu mod/ One Hit/ God Mode/ PvE & PvP)

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