Color Garden – Build by Number Mod Apk (Unlocked Vip)

Paint and build your own garden, one by one. In this relaxing 3D color with number games, players create stunning scenery and build a garden city!

 Use your green thumb to decorate your city. Relax as your 3D coloring book comes alive with trees, paddling pools, lilies, ducks, people and green fields.

 How does your garden grow?
 ★ Create amazing views as you color with numbers!
 ★ Each level starts with a blank 3D coloring canvas waiting to develop!
 ★ To build a garden, color it with numbers
 ★ Tap the cube according to the number and matching elements at the bottom
 ★ Only with one click, new colors or garden elements appear
 ★ Tap to add more colors to your garden
 ★ Add a touch of green ... or maybe a small blue garden pool
 ★ Build everything with just the touch of your finger!
 ★ Watch the garden thrive with cute flowers, trees and little ducks!
 ★ When you color with numbers, a new layer will appear showing more colors and gifts

 This relaxing and relaxing game allows players to color and build their own garden city!

 As you build each park and complete the level, more open coloring pages reveal the map of the city. Color by layer to build a whole city park with amazing views!

 ★ Enjoy a fresh new garden landscape with each level
 ★ Decorate your city with lakes, trees, ponds and park benches to sit and enjoy the garden view.

 You really have a green thumb! Have fun in this easy and tense way to pass the day. Grow a beautiful garden with the touch of your hand. Garden Color: Color Based on Numbers puts it at your fingertips. Color, wake up and relax!

Color Garden – Build by Number Mod Apk (Unlocked Vip)

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