Crazy Cooking – Star Chef Mod Apk (unlimited coins)

Burger Master is a classic cooking game that serves burgers, BLTs, French fries, and milkshakes in classic restaurants! Can you act fast enough to handle multiple orders?

With the dream of making delicious food and serving hungry customers, let's start with this restaurant, get coins to improve the kitchen and dining room, and expand to the world in the end!

 Increase Everything
 Serve every customer as fast as you can, great service will improve tips! Offer cupcakes to make your customers happier! Don't forget to improve restaurant equipment and quality of ingredients, and create a better dining environment to attract more customers! Oh, an automatic cooking machine can save you a lot of time and make sure there's nothing to burn! 

 To become a Master Burger
 Life in the restaurant industry is not easy. Prepare the food beforehand, turn on the milkshakes and fry the fries constantly. Also, watch the stove and don't burn food! Serve burgers and sandwiches with the right ingredients your customers ask for. As demand increases, you must act as fast as in real life! You will find this game very addictive and time passes so fast in this busy restaurant!

Crazy Cooking – Star Chef Mod Apk (unlimited coins)

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