Danger Survival: Zombie War Mega Mod Apk

You will be in a chaotic desert era, with sudden and intense earthquakes exposing countless large gaps on earth, and unknown creatures attacking creatures that exist indiscriminately. Wake up after a coma in an earthquake, you will face hunger, thirst, wild animals and monsters. This is an undead bone in yellow sand, or it is the ruler of this field, which requires time to verify

. ● How to survive
 Relax on the only oasis, build a house, plant vegetables, multiply monsters, save resources, find allies, and trade.

 ● Become Strong
 Making weapons and protective equipment can increase your combat effectiveness. Consolidate stations to defend against sandstorms and monster attacks. A work desk can be built to produce the necessary resources and goods.

 ● Resource acquisition
 Grab valuable spoils from enemy territory, find rich transportation items, and trade with cunning merchants.

 ● Explore the unknown
 The more dangerous the place, the more often it means getting richer. Wrecks filled with mysterious powers, hidden research institutions, forests surrounded by storms ... An unknown world is waiting for you to explore!

 Unlimited manufacturing,
 Gun equipment is enduring and durable,
 Gold coins are imposed,
 Unlimited skill points
 Any food in the game can be full
 When splitting materials, more and more,
 Unlocking the living table, tool table

Danger Survival: Zombie War Mega Mod Apk

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