Decipher: The Brain Game (Mod Apk Unlock all chapters/Unlimited reminders)

Decipher: The Brain Game is a teasing brain puzzle game where you need to align the space ring to solve the puzzle!

 Looks easy, but different rings produce different effects. Every action produces a reaction. The Butterfly Effect can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to unlocking physics-based puzzles. You have to decipher it!

 A minimalist spacecraft is waiting for you to launch towards a peaceful and original space environment. For the time being, you can escape from reality and dive into a calm, relaxed and metaphysical atmosphere, as claimed by the universe. Reminiscent of classic abstract films and exhaling the vibrations of endless science fiction, this is a game where logic and creativity unite against confusion. The scenery looks a lot of harmony, but don't let it distract you from the puzzles you need to solve to conquer every world.

 Come on up to solve the mystery of the universe!

 • Physics-based gameplay, developed in partnership with Sir Isaac Newton.
 • Easy to learn but difficult to master, Decipher: Rules of Brain Game continues to grow.
 • A relaxed environment and no pressure to solve it. Like space, time is also unlimited in Decipher: The Brain Game.
 • The new ring will bring new problems and unique combinations. Each level is a new puzzle!
 • Soothing music, evocative visual design, and immersive sci-fi atmosphere. Headphones are recommended for high-quality experience!

Decipher: The Brain Game (Mod Apk Unlock all chapters/Unlimited reminders)

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