Defender Z (Mod Apk Free Shopping)

The sequel to the Defender series is here! Many zombies are coming! Choose from a variety of weapons, stand up, fight through siege and annihilate countless zombies as one of the few survivors! Protect the city and the world, you are the ultimate BUYER! 

A trial accident caused a large leak of the virus. This virus is extreme activity, spreading rapidly from this city to the whole world. The infected creature loses its mind and becomes very aggressive. Their bodies are strengthened by a large margin. We call them - "Zombies".

 Features highlighted:
 ★ 26 different types of zombies
 ★ Powerful weapons: Bastion, Falcon, Spear, Phantom ...
 ★ Research and learn various skills
 ★ Upgrade and develop weapons
 ★ More than 60 complicated accessories

Defender Z (Mod Apk Free Shopping)

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