Dinosaur Battle Survival (Mod Apk Money)

Get ready to destroy the city and shoot down your opponents in Dinosaur Battle Survival. You play a dangerous dino with a machine gun equipped at you. Aim and shoot down soldiers, war tanks, helicopters, drones and more to stay alive to the end. If you are hurt by your opponent, use your medics to regain your health. You will be given a mission at the beginning of the game, making sure to complete the mission before you run out of time or you will lose the level. Progress through various shooter series to win rifles, rifles and assault rifles. Make your killing and complete everything for bigger rewards!

 When raging throughout the city, avoid land mines at any cost or you will die instantly. Grand this unique opportunity to become a very large 3D dinosaur and save the hospital from other dinosaur attacks. Bored with the same dino? Don't worry, Dinosaur Battle Survival has more than 15 realistic dinosaurs designed intricately to be upgraded and played.

 Explore various high-definition environments such as City, Desert, Forest, and much more to come in the next update of this exciting and addictive third-person dinosaur shooter game. They can also attack you without warning. Make your killing right and finish everything for bigger rewards! So do not hold back, hold your weapon tightly, take the perfect goal, test your sniper to kill.

Dinosaur Battle Survival (Mod Apk Money)

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