Dome Adventure Quest Mod Apk

 Dive into the world of amazing adventures in front of flying cameras! Our program prepares extraordinary assignments and goes out of search for you under the Dome! Bring the victory of all trials and get valuable trophies for your Hall of Fame! Increase your popularity to become the main star under the Dome!

 What's this about? Imagine being stranded in an unusual place with the aim of becoming a reality television celebrity. You have to face challenges from the mysterious world of science, technology and archeology. Break the secrets of the past and bring the future closer to interesting experiments and unique discoveries. Join the game and you will travel to interesting destinations, explore ancient and futuristic relics and more ... Don't worry, eccentric scientists, cute chefs, smart financial advisors and other interesting characters will guide you through adventure.
But first, get up and decorate beautiful settlements with parks and farm animals, make cool things, sell to curious tourists, and do research to learn new skills. The camera will follow your every move towards fame! Join this entertaining story with your friends and have fun!

 In this game you can:
- Create settlements and decorate according to your taste;
 - Get audience popularity and appreciation;
 - Conduct complex studies and get new skills;
 - Tame animals and they will give you valuable products;
 - Create beautiful gardens and harvest crops;
 - Produce various objects and tools;
 - Selling cool souvenirs and delicious food for tourists;
 - Travel to new territories to find trophies and achievements;
 - Place your trophy in the Hall of Fame and brag about it to friends;
 - Visit Rating, the largest city on the planet, built by event makers;
 - Solve many secrets and mysteries prepared by Show Dome.
 - Plunge into the world of adventure and new emotions.

 C-Cards (“Gems”) – ADD them in the MOD Menu
 Coins – ADD them in the MOD Menu
 Help Tokens – ADD them in the MOD Menu
 Unlimited Energy – Buy with C-Cards (Gems)
 Unlimited Workers – Buy with C-Cards (Gems) 

Dome Adventure Quest Mod Apk

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