DomiNations Asia Mega Mod Apk

Grow a civilization that develops and travels through all human history as a strong nation leader!
 - BUILD a unique village from your own design.
 - LEAD loyal citizens from the beginning of ancient times to the modern era.
 - BATTLE is cooperative and competes with players with players from all over the world.
 - RAID competes for all their good booty!

 At DomiNations, lead a village of hunters and early gatherers for centuries of their conquest from the beginning of civilization to the modern era. It is up to you to design a small city and develop it into a fast-growing metropolis. Build historic World Wonders, including famous buildings such as the Egyptian Pyramid and the Roman Colosseum. Handle historic battle campaigns to gather important resources and improve your city as you progress through history!

 Take over one of the eight countries that are frightening in their journey all the time. Choose from Rome, England, China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and Greece. Every Nation has a special power that empowers you to build unique units that strive to advance your city, such as longbowmen, vandals and mighty samurai!

 Research new material, find sophisticated weapons, and develop trade to grow a busy economy. Through scientific discoveries, strengthen your troops with better equipment, upgrade your buildings and downtown with modern materials, and support your defenses as you get stronger. The designer of the legendary game Brian Reynolds brings history to life in every era because the key advances of each period in history will help you develop your epic civilization!

 Put your strong Nation to the ultimate test in PvP battles and raid your city enemies for large stolen bunches! Fight for important resources, untold wealth, and total domination. Cooperate with other skilled authorities and form an unstoppable Alliance. Unleash the full power of your troops to outwit and last longer than your opponents in the 50-to-50 Alliance war to conquer the world in World War. Victory and take home booty!

1. Unlimited Gold (Not decrease, Free purchase)
2. Unlimited Food (Not decrease, Free purchase)
3. Unlimited Oil (Not decrease, Free purchase)
4. All Goals did and claimable
5. All Achievements did and claimable
6. 1 Villagers needed for tasks (Still need the normal value of them available to start but only one will be used)
7. Instant Win Battles

DomiNations Asia Mega Mod Apk

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