Elf Legend Mod Apk Mod Menu/Fast Win/One hit)

[Collect and develop - Endless pleasure]
- Hundreds of elves for you to choose, the attributes are opposite each other, "water, fire, dark, light, nature"
 - Unique, anger storage system to activate super skills.
 - The SS Elf came strong, to create the strongest Elf team!

 [Strategic combination - Always changing]
- Every fairy has its own characteristics with a total of hundreds of personality skills!
- Different clothes and elves, different battle effects!
 - Graduation level and defeat the BOSS are not based on appearance, but only strategy!

 [World Arena - Instant Battle]
 - PK Instant with global players!
 - Cross service battles, offensive offensive, exciting battles, who can fight with me!
 - Elf ladder race, stimulating battlefields, strategic competition!

 [War of union occupation - pleasant meeting]
 - All guilds will appear at the same time, and fight with each other!
 - Collect allies and fight for honor!
 - Unite and use strategies to become the strongest guild!

 [Social System - Intimate Interaction]
 - Get global friends, chat, and enjoy relaxing time!
 - Wear a diamond ring for your lover, then travel to the whole sword!
 - New marriage system, more interactive gameplay!

 [Transformation System - Rise of the Dragon]
 - Absorb the power of the Dragon Soul, instantly turning into a dragon when fighting!
 - Five types of dragons will help you, with the attribute "Vortex, Lush Forest, Lava explosion, black hole, holy light"!
  - After transformation, the protagonist has a terrible power and can create a myth that is invincible!

Elf Legend Mod Apk Mod Menu/Fast Win/One hit)

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