Elf melee Mod Apk (Mod Menu/Fast Win/One hit)

—– strategies that always change —–
 Every fairy has its own characteristics, with hundreds of personality skills! War mode, station strategy match! Instant battles, key moments to apply magnifying power to turn dry, change defeat to victory!

 —– A new social system —–
Have a very large map and start your adventure! The most advanced chat system supports various offline chats and voice chats! The perfect marriage system, find your person! Invite friends to challenge the best BOSS!

 —— Passionate guild war —–
Our goal is only one! victory! The region is competing for opening, so that your guild donates your power!

 —– The Awakening of the Dragon Knight—–
The tip of the dragon is still up, in your hand! Defeat the legendary dragon and collect dragon souls! Absorb the power of the Dragon Soul, activate the truth of the dragon knight, and turn it into a dragon!

 —– Completely fair competition—–
Blackwater Consortium, successfully escorted or looted? Arena for cross-service, promotion or elimination? At the height of the competition, can you be the top in the Oslo continent? What is your limit for Elf stairs?

Elf melee Mod Apk (Mod Menu/Fasr Win/One hit)

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