Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle Mega Mod Apk

 This game is set on a fantasy continent, which is named Ioria. There are many races living together on this continent, including humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, goblins, monsters, and many other legendary creatures. One day, the kingdom of Endia was attacked by Grando Empire, who had been their ally for years. This was even more confusing when Grando received help from the Orcs, a race allied with the Dark Lord in the past. The clash of two human kingdoms suddenly appeared and now war cannot be avoided. In a critical situation, Prince Jave - the son of King Endia - has led a royal army and rushes to the battle to prevent enemies from attacking his royal castle. However, the enemy is too strong and aggressive. According to the prophecy of the Kingdom of Endia, Prince Jave and his heroes really need help from a legendary tactician. And you are the only one who can help him. Build strong allies, strong palaces, train royal warriors from Endia, control big heroes and destroy enemies! Let's show off your talent and become the best tactician in the biggest tower defense.

 Will you have enough courage to enter this greatest empire with weapons, magic objects, and so on? Let enjoy many epic wars in different fantasy environments: plain humans, dense elf forests, dwarf mountain kingdoms, dead swamps, frozen mountains, and more!

 Perform your best strategy and support your league in each mission with 4 new special castles: Barack tower trains powerful fighters, led by Endia brave knights to help you block your way and destroy enemies; Tower Archers provide physical damage and carry useful buffs to the nearest tower; Magic tower, control by the best witch from Endia, has high magic damage, the ability to fend off enemies and summon awesome dragons; last but not least, the Golem tower, the powerful weapon of the Endia kingdom, which can throw giant stones at enemies and deal with massive AoE damage.

Gameplay Various game modes in one tower defense game: in addition to campaign missions, players can also enjoy unlimited challenges in endless mode. Let's show the world who is the best tactician by placing yourself in the top position on the leaderboards. Endless mode is also a very good one for processing gems and becoming a legend in epic battles. Four types of power-up items: Armageddon, Blessing of Nature, Blizzard and Guardian of Kingdom will help you survive and complete all missions easily.

 Control the mighty legendary heroes: now you can choose and control 3 heroes at once on any mission! Each hero has active abilities and 3 passive abilities. By increasing heroes, their strength will increase rapidly.

 Various monsters in a hurry in the game: more than 30 types of enemies are waiting for you. Every monster has a unique appearance and some events have capabilities that can cause many problems for any tactician. Learn about your enemies and towers with an in-game encyclopedia. Prepare to survive in TD games the best strategy. Don't be afraid to die! Be a wise leader and join now!

1-Opened all paid heroes (they are unlocked are worth zero gems)
2-Raising the hero costs zero gems
3-During a coin battle, plus 500 for killing
4-During the battle, the reward of the gems is 50m (if this can reduce too much)
5-Runes are zero keys (we spend 10 keys and runes at you are free)
6-Sell the runes we get Crystals
7-Amplifiers stand zero gems (Power-AP)
8-Murder from a stroke (Hero or Tower without a difference)
9-VIP-7 included

Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle Mega Mod Apk

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