Evertales Zero Apk Mod (Massive Gold at Victory) + OBB

Once upon a time, there was the story of the mighty hero, protector of the kingdom, and savior of many damsel in trouble. This ... is not the story.

 This is a story of impossible heroes. Starting the journey in a not too epic proportion with Sir Jorgin, noble knights passed their prime; Arwick, naughty male and female fairies; and Taragon, witch, old and somewhat senile witch. Welcome ... to Evertales. 

 Quest with 3 unique heroes:
 • Sir Jorgin, the mighty knight, is a fierce close-range fighter who can punch!
 • Arwick the Elf specializes in long range weapons, charm, and interesting double jumps!
 • Taragorn the Senile uses loose spells, and the power to float!

Open 20+ weapons for your hero to better seek your glory, kill your enemies, and save yourself! Evertales has a wide selection of weapons, ranging from various swords, bows, paranas, and even molotov!

 Do you like to take a walk in Mushroom Forest? Or spelunking into the caves of carnivorous creatures? Have a strong desire to hunt down some Unusual Rodents? Or what about facing the cunning Dark Lord? Now you can when starting Evertales! 

 Open and complete a wide selection of armor for your hero. Want to play the game as a Spartan or Drunkard? Continue. What about beautiful Christmas clothes or clothes that are less than Hobo clothes? Please, adjust yourself!

 Each chapter ends with an epic confrontation with epic boss battles! Defeat the Giant Dwarf, sink the Dead Pirate Roberts ship, shake with the dreaded Stone Golem, and much more in an effort to end all quests!

 Evertales displays beautifully crafted 3D characters and environments along with advanced 2D interfaces. Let your eyes flood with some of the best graphics for the cellular generation.

Evertales Zero Apk Mod (Massive Gold at Victory) + OBB

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