Fishing Paradiso Mod Apk

Fishing Paradiso is a unique fishing game that is driven by narration with a strong storyline. Improve your fishing skills by completing fish searches and finding more than 100 species of fish!

 In heaven, fishing is a little different from what is on earth ... ... like you would find playing a boy, who was awakened by "birdy", found himself lost on a tropical island. To satisfy your taste, you must learn how to fish.

 This game will also function as a sequel to the powerful narrative-based game, "Bear's Restaurant", and there will be many characters from the adventure, such as "Mr. Bear" and "Cat", making several appearances.

 Uncover stories of mysterious big fish, conspiracy of angels, and even rockets that fly into space ..... This adventure will not be so simple!

MOD: All the paid items in the unlocked store, click on the gear button at the bottom right of the game, and click on “shop” to see it.

Fishing Paradiso Mod Apk

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