FPS Hunter Mod Apk (Free Purchases)

FPS Hunter is the latest thrilling shooting game where you have to play a role as a stealth hunter. Be careful with your environment and adjust it accordingly. Watch out for beasts from the forest that come out to hunt you down. Kill the wild animals that are visible! Don't give an opportunity to attack you because that might be the last thing you do. It's time to load your weapons and fix 5-star shooting! Be careful, wild animals are dangerous and can attack people. For the best shooting results - use the scope. Don't approach your prey too close - you will scare the animal.

 Hold your gun barrel and get ready to pull the trigger as you roam in this realistic environment full of unknown dangers in the Hunting Challenge. With access to powerful weapons you will rely on your sniper skills to kill and trap animals including Zebras, Bears, Cheetahs, Elephants, Lions and even dinosaurs escaping from the park. Animal hunting is so real that they almost jump off the screen! Track and collect the most exotic and elusive games in the world.

 FPS Hunter Game Features:
 - Jaw drops 3D graphics
 - Mission of immersive hunters to complete
 - Amazing sound effects
 - Dozens of real-world weapons and upgrades

FPS Hunter Mod Apk (Free Purchases)

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