Mod Apk (Godmode / Damage x10)

Welcome to the new GIANT.IO arena, where you can experience the epic kingdom of the main battle while traveling. Try to survive in this crazy battle arena. Choose with your parachute the starting point and become the LAST LIVING PEOPLE. Drive a vehicle to explore a wide map, hide in a ditch or build a sanctuary to ambush the opponents. Every murder gives you a special boost that makes you GIANT to master the battlefield.

 * Play Online with up to 30 players in the royal arena of big battles or Offline against our sophisticated robots.
 * Sharp your building skills in Building Mode to create your own new epic tactics.
 * With our Battle Royale fully, you become a giant animal and your weapon also gets a boost for a limited time.

 【Game Features】
 ✪ Building system
 ✪ Battle Royale game mode
 ✪ Multi-player mode
 ✪ Single Player Mode
 ✪ 16 types of weapons
 ✪ Georgeus graphics
 ✪ Advanced AI System
 ✪ Growing Potions
 ✪ Damaging trees
 ✪ Drive Vehicle
 ✪ Epic Hero Skins
 ✪ Large map size Mod Apk (Godmode / Damage x10)

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