Gladiator Heroes Mod Apk (VIP Enabled – Unlimited skill points) + Obb

Build, manage, and defend your area, as you conquer the new world and strengthen your place in history. Build gladiator academies, armories, hospitals, government buildings, and arenas as you open diverse maps, with forests, deserts, mountains and volcanoes. What you do in life echoes in eternity, so enter the arena and defend your empire, at the Gladiator Heroes! Both of you are a warrior and emperor in this new and exciting strategy game.

 The more prosperous your empire, the better the gladiator and the weaponry you get. Design, train, and wear your soldier's clothes, and then take them to deadly battles where they can show off their newly acquired skills and weapons. Bask in glory as your little village grows into a formidable kingdom, and your untrained young gladiator becomes the most fearsome opponent. 

Show your strength and defend your honor at Gladiator Heroes. Those who will die, salute!

 * MULTIPLAYER! Play with friends and compete in rankings. Discover new player divisions and automatic combat features.
 * You control the development and growth of your city.
 * Fight in impressive arenas throughout the empire, from blazing deserts to snowy tundra
 * Win gold, weaponry and new skills in deadly battles
 * Place your gladiator strategically to defeat their opponents
 * Design, name and train your gladiator, then watch as they evolve into a persistent killer

Gladiator Heroes Mod Apk (VIP Enabled – Unlimited skill points) + Obb


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