Gummy Paradise Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives/Coins/Moves)

Gummy Paradise is a fun and colorful drag and connects puzzle adventures that allow you to explore a world full of candy!

 A troubled teddy bear has stolen a delicious treat from Gummyville, leaving a mess behind him. Queen Ruby has a plan to fix it, but she needs your help to solve it! Slide the line through flavor gum to make matches as fast as you can, unlock extraordinary power-ups and screen cleaning bonus items the more candy you include.

 Gummy Paradise has been packed with cute characters to meet together with smart puzzles, interesting strengths, and more than 200 levels to complete. Teddy troublemaker will not let go of the gum so easily, so you should swipe it right away! 

- Save the world by swiping and connecting sweets!
- 200 levels to break through.
- Create interesting power-ups by making big matches.
- Find lots of surprises!

Gummy Paradise Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives/Coins/Moves)

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