Heist Thief Robbery – Sneak Simulator (Mod Apk a lot of gold coins/ a lot of weight)

Stealing in the house: Sneaking into wealthy homes, infiltrating the best-guarded houses and lurking in every dark corner without realizing and disapproving. Let's start the action of a true thief! Rob the safest house in the city. Use your device to unlock doors and windows! Steal the most expensive items (diamonds, gold, cash, laptops, cellphones, etc.) and sell to make more money. Don't get hit by alarms and CCTV cameras. So, be prepared for an action-packed and thrilling trip thief. Do you want to play the next game on xbox or VR? Do you want to watch the next world cup on a large LCD? Do you want a diamond ring for your girlfriend? Real thieves don't worry about ending. They show courage and realize their desires.

 Thief Robbery Simulator: Games are more like first-person robbers or first-person sneakers. You will rob houses on Walton Street. Park your car in a safe place near your target home. Choose basic tools and requests for storing stolen items. Never make a sound or break a window. If not, people in the house can tell the police or attack you. And don't forget to pick up the braking device key to enter the right room. You have to play like a thief who proves with your professionalism that you are a very organized thief. Home people can hit thieves. Thief Heist is one of the best crime games.

 Useful Tips for Robbing
★ Tip No. 1 - Don't collect cheap items. Try to meet your demands with expensive jewelry, laptop cellphones and other expensive items. You can always drop items from your request.
★ Tip No. 2 - Don't kill anyone in the house. Otherwise, the secret agent will chase you & it will be difficult to stay away from the police.

★ Rob your good neighbor's house, big house or rare house in the city.
★ Bag to fill it with stolen objects for hiding success to become an organized thief.
★ Sell items that are robbed on the market and get cash in a thief simulation.
★ Many rare items to steal like; Diamonds, Gold, Cash, Smartphones, Jewelery and more.
★ Live the Life of the True Thief. Learn the tricks of the thief, buy thieves from cash.
★ Do whatever real thieves do and make unforgettable adventures.

Heist Thief Robbery – Sneak Simulator (Mod Apk a lot of gold coins/ a lot of weight)

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