Heroes and Puzzles Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds)

Heroes and Puzzles is the right choice for anyone who likes puzzle games or RPGs, offering a unique blend of match-3 gameplay and fantasy RPG. Join the adventure and become the next Runemoor champion in Adventure mode, or clash with other players in Arena PvP!

 ● Show off your match-3 skills and save Runemoor
 ● Unleash magical attacks with rune combos
 ● Duel other players in PvP Arena battles
 ● Open the story by fighting mythical monsters
 ● Recruit and upgrade strong heroes
 ● Complete and develop item sets and cool weapons
 ● Call free gifts through the Portal
 ● Easy to learn, hard to master
Enjoy the match-3 puzzle gameplay that is familiar with a unique touch! Heroes and Puzzles combine the simplicity of classic puzzle mechanics with the strategic depth of the RPG. Match 3 or more runes on the board and take advantage of the magical power in them to make your hero team release attacks on your enemies. But plan carefully, because your opponents use the same board as you!
 ● Collect and upgrade your Heroes' party
 Meet and defeat legendary heroes and call them to help you in impressive boss battles! Heroes come in five different classes - Warrior, Archer, Berserker, Thief, and Mage - each with individual skills and special abilities that you must use wisely to achieve victory. Choose the perfect combination of heroes to face challenging tasks and scary monsters. When you defeat your enemy, you will gain experience, collect valuable possessions, and enhance your hero. Customize your team with various items to benefit on the battlefield, complete your fighters with strong armor and weapons ranging from simple knives to epic long swords that will sing their songs, and gather the rarest heroes to form the ultimate party !
 ● Discover the world of Runemoor
Take your party on the journey through the Runemoor fantasy kingdom! On the way, you will face many brave enemies, terrifying monsters, and unspeakable evil. You will pillage a treasure chest full of gold and jewelry, while exploring an unforgettable world full of wonders and adventures. Feel the story of gripping Heroes and Puzzles and join Elves, Wizards, Heavenly, and more as you explore Runemoor land in hopes of fulfilling your quest and destiny in this match-3 RPG epic story!

Heroes and Puzzles Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds)

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