Heroes Castle – Tactical Strategy RPG Mod Apk (Massive damage/ God mode)

Heroes Castle is a real time RPG (role playing game) enhanced with real time strategic decision making. Discover all the unique skills of each tough tactical hero and create your strongest team for battle against your opponent!

 It’s time to report for duty! Set yourself up for success by choosing each character’s position for battle. Pick what skills your heroes use each round. Use rage after hard hits to fight back even more aggressively against your opponent in the next round! Claim a sweet reward after each victory! Build a winning empire by building new rooms, upgrading the buildings, and strengthening your heroes with the valuable resources you win in battles. Play every day to unlock sweet rewards!

 LEVEL UP, UPGRADE and PROMOTE your heroes !
Prepare your team members to win more battles by upgrading their strength and skill set. Each hero has a unique attack pattern and skill set. Getting to know each player’s tactical strengths will prepare you to be a better leader during battles.

 BUILD A CASTLE meant for a HERO!
 Build up and upgrade your castle to gain more resources for your heroes

Strategically pick your team’s fighting formation and upgrade their tactical fighting skills. Unlock more variations as you advance through the game.

 * Real time battle game with real players
 * Pick and choose your own battle strategy to increase your chances of winning
 * Set your formation with the best strategic combination
 *Tons of awesome castle upgrades
 *The ultimate role playing game where YOU decide your own fate!
 * PvE mode

Heroes Castle – Tactical Strategy RPG Mod Apk (Massive damage/ God mode)

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