Horse Paradise – My Dream Ranch Mega Mod Apk

Welcome to the wild horse adventure of your lifetime! Start in mystic forest - an online paradise for horse lovers! Complete the quest to open a new cage, make friends in your multiplayer and race your horse to win accessories so they feel like stars!

 More than 30 breeds are waiting! Open a new horse and bring it to your family. Play as Mustang, Stallion, Clydesdale, and even the most beautiful horses like Friesian, Shetland Pony, and baby Foal. Progress through the game and get amazing fantasy horses like Pegasus flying, Unicorns and more.

 Horse Paradise is an interactive multiplayer game. Use the free-roaming mode to chat and play roles with friends from all over the world, give them the joy of the best horses you find and complete the quest to advance in the game.

 Raise your horse and teach to run, chant, run fast and jump through a very detailed virtual 3D environment.

 Take your horse out on the road and test the jump technique! Race against many AI players and collect prizes to be the main one!

 Take your animals out of the farm to a magical paradise filled with forests, islands and even caves! Explore and explore with your friends when you are looking for special items during your trip.

 Accessorise and personalize for some extra talent! Pair your favorite horse with 50+ beautiful decorations such as foot wrap, mask, bow and sparkle to show off your personality and beauty as your role playing with your online friends!

 Unlimited Horseshoes
 Unlimited Gems
 VIP Unlocked
 All Horse Unlocked
 All VIP Bundles Unlocked 

Horse Paradise – My Dream Ranch Mega Mod Apk

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