Human Evolution Clicker Game Mod Apk (Money/Free Shopping)

Welcome to the evolution party! With this evolutionary simulation of the stage, you can pass various species from viruses to humans, looking at the evolution of the world and having fun! Check different types of species - from small cells or algae to apes, humans, or even cyborgs! Open space colonies - and you can even try to find space colonies in Earth's orbit!

Evolve and increase creatures - combine animals to get new types - you can even get cryptids like the famous Ichthyostega! Explore the water planet and move ashore! Take it to wild animals or the same protozoa, play with their genetics and enjoy the results! Buy crystals to make your evolution faster or magnet to combine all creatures of the same type on the screen!

Your game ends when you get live cyborgs and robots, but you can stop early if you don't like human evolution, but prefer crocodile evolution, dog evolution, rabbit evolution, bird evolution, or even the evolution of giraffes! See evolved species - this is not an easy process, but you will handle it, and manipulate the evolution of each creature with your own finger! Oh, and you can go to the next level of evolution - the evolution of space fauna!

The world of evolution is waiting - start the pleasure of evolution now! Enjoy our super evolution game - amazing idle clicker made for all games, evolving games, creation games, and combination game lovers! Choose the right evolutionary path!

Human Evolution Clicker Game Mod Apk (Money/Free Shopping)

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