Idle Ninja Prime (Mod Apk Unlimited Currency)

Slice the galaxy, hone idle ninja skills against Shoguns, tap to defeat the horrors of space, and carve your revenge on the empire in this unique Idle RPG! Allocate skill points, collect unique items, and increase your way across space in Idle Ninja Prime! 

This is an empty RPG space game that you have never seen. Battle of Ronin, train your idle jutsu ninja, tap to improve your skills and choose your ability to survive in the Shogun. Tap to attack, gather resources and use your ability to idle through space and kill wild people who serve cunning shoguns!

 Idle Ninja Prime Features:

 Explore Space
-Find Galaxies with a unique game changer mechanism!
-Make a mission to regain the Planet and get resources!
-Collect resources along the way to craft & improve new idle skills!

 Battle of the hordes
- Facing Space Mercs, Cosmic Cult Ninja, and Technocrat Alliance!
- Strategically choose the best idle skills for each situation!
- Scary Dark Shogun to survive and rare booty!

 Craft Supplies
- Collect resources to unlock new capabilities!
- Collect items and use them carefully to double your strength in perfect moments! 

Fad action
- Combining unique genres - play as much or as little as you like!
- Your Ninja keeps gathering resources without you!
- Return to knock and collect the spoils and wealth collected by your hero as you go!

Idle Ninja Prime (Mod Apk Unlimited Currency)

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