Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden Apk Mod (Unlimited Gold) + OBB

Crimson Warden, an open-world fantasy RPG in a fantastic environment. Your hero is The Crimson Warden, one of the King's elite fighters who has to secure people in the cursed realm until the troops arrive. Start a fantastic journey filled with hundreds of enemies and try to improve your skills & attributes of your hero to fight better.

 ✔ Even though it has a vast 3D world and dynamic and interactive action, Crimson Warden is resource-friendly, only 90MB and works smoothly on phones & tablets. 

Game features:
 ◆ True Fantasy RPG gameplay. Guide your hero through various worlds to complete quests and fight countless enemies. Upgrade your hero and level up.
 ◆ Leveling & Improvement. You can increase your hero without stopping based on the experience points received in battle. Use loot to improve your hero skills and improve statistics. 
 ◆ Hundreds of Quests. Fantasy RPG stories are revealed as you progress in the game and there are more than 120 searches that you must complete, including side searches. Track your progress on a mini map.
 ◆ Heap of Enemies. Fight against more than 20 different enemies, from alluring Mermaids to Goblins, Orcs, and more. Destroy fragile objects (crates, crates etc.) to collect gold.
 ◆ Fantastic 3D Open World. Crimson Warden has a beautiful 3D environment with fantastic touches. Control your perspective and enjoy a dynamic & interactive world. ◆ Music and soundtrack. The Crimson Warden is accompanied by an optimistic soundtrack combined with graphics and 3D gameplay offering a profound Open Fantasy World RPG experience for all players.

Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden Apk Mod (Unlimited Gold) + OBB

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