Mascot Dunks Mod Apk (Unlock Character)

Dribble, jump and score! Wear your favorite mascot uniform and make some of the craziest guys in the world! We have Whirling Dunks, Boxing Dunks, Face-Palm Dunks, hecks - even Superman Dunks! If you dream all night about dunks then go up, dress up like Pitbull and show everyone how to do AirWalk Dunk like a King! Not the type of dog? No problem - we have Cats, Lions, we have Astronauts and Bears. We have Diablo if you like those things and we have Zombies if too many nights for you! Let's show who is the ULTIMATE DUNK CHAMPION!

 ★ Mechanical one tap
 ★ Easy to understand controls
 ★ Simple and addictive gameplay
 ★ More than 25 High Flying Leaps and Dunks
 ★ Good dunk experience
 ★ 31 mascots that can be adjusted to unlock
 ★ Stunning 2D graphics and animations
 ★ realistic music and sound
 ★ Online Leaderboard and Achievements

Mascot Dunks Mod Apk (Unlock Character)

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