Mystery Terra: Adventure Puzzle (Mod Apk Money)

Mystery Terra is an adventure puzzle, full of the magic of numbers. This is a game with various tasks and original logic, equipped with interesting mini-games and bonuses.

 Now the puzzle in the style of "match3" has become unusual and even more interesting. New mechanics are permitted to make unique gameplay with various tasks and their own characteristics. Now you can connect not only the closest stone, but also move it to the entire field. This is a completely new look at your favorite game. You are awaited by 300 new free levels with various tasks, bonuses and obstacles. Try playing a few minutes and you will delay longer.

 Start an exciting adventure on the mysterious island and overcome all the obstacles. This is not the only land on your journey, because this is just the beginning.

 Move or combine magic stones, make wise and effective movements that will give you lots of bonuses, and they will help you complete the level and bring you victory. This adventure will give you and your friends pleasure for hours, and visual learning will show you the basic techniques and rules of the game.

 ★ new game mechanics.
 ★ 300 unique levels + regular additions.
 ★ Game events with the possibility of receiving awards.
 ★ Daily tasks and weekly challenges.
 ★ Various tasks to pass.
 ★ A colorful and atmospheric adventure around the island.
 ★ Combination of several game genres.
 ★ There are no hidden fees.

Mystery Terra: Adventure Puzzle (Mod Apk Money)

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