OH! My Office (Mod Apk Unlimited currency)

The company your father built will go bankrupt. This is the last day. With all your employees packing up and saying goodbye, only you and your loyal secretary Elsa will remain closed for the last time. Right at this moment a mysterious girl Cana appeared. She offers you the chance to travel to the past and change the fate of your company. She brings you back… all the way back to the day your father founded the company. Confused and lost in time, you hope to find your father to explain what has happened, but instead he has gone missing. You now must run the company in your father’s stead, find out what has happened to him, and all the while uncover how this mysterious Kana is involved with all of this…

 Whip Your Staff Into Form!

 Beware of lazy people! Whether it's taking a nap or playing on your cellphone, those who are lazy will be severely punished! To ensure that whenever your employee's time is spent on increasing profits, you are given a "Productivity Hammer" to bring out the "best" on your staff!

 Money Well Spent

 The profits obtained must always be invested to grow your business empire. Complete your office with better facilities, equipment, office pets, or replace yourself and equip yourself with a variety of "motivational tools". Many upgrade options to take your company to the next level!

 Your staff is the company's best resource. The game features great characters who are colorful and unique, each with their personal abilities and talents. Build your dream team and become the next billion dollar unicorn!

 - 11 chapters to push your company to all new levels!
 - More than 50 unique staff to choose from, 10 different staff, each with 6 unique abilities!
 - Adjust, modify, and adjust the layout of your office. Special office items to help you become a global company!
 - Deep avatar system to adjust yourself to become the main boss!
 - Don't just act like a boss, dress like a boss too!
 - Many "management tools" that you want!
 - 100% Pet Friendly Office! - Colorful character players

OH ! My Office (Mod Apk Unlimited currency)

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