Pocoron Dungeons Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

"Po colon Dungeons (Pokodan)" is an RPG puzzle

- Basic rules are simple! Just trace the puzzle!
Just move the hero character by searching for the "Pokoron" puzzle of the same color!
And managed to browse "Pokoron", trying to catch a mysterious prison to change your appearance every time you challenge!

- Defeat enemy monsters from the dungeon!
Continue by searching for the "Pokoron" puzzle of the same color, attack enemy monsters!

The attack power in the chain of effects if Tsunagere is a lot! Combo effects in continuous attacks too!
Fellow monsters can be called with the Pokoron color tracked!

- Let's make equipment from the material available!
By combining the material obtained in the blacksmith's basement, trying to produce weapons!
If you can get rare ingredients, rare equipment can be made!
Will see favorite equipment!

- Let the strongest party spiders lift monsters!
To strengthen and evolve your fellow monsters in the dungeon, try to make the only Kimi party!
Monsters and evolve under certain conditions, even monsters that cannot be friends only in limited dungeons

- the challenge for the coalition in collaboration with friends Quest (Multiplayer)!
If you have an obscure mission, try to get help from your friends!
Try to get rare items in partnership with friends !!

Pocoron Dungeons Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

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