Police Car Chase Mod Apk (Free Upgrade Car / Weapon)

Police Car Chase is an intense 3D police chase racing game number 1 that tests your driving skills against street racers who want to outrun you.

 Buckle up, press the gas and hold it tight; You are ready to pursue the wildest pursuit. Get rid of street racers who escape while avoiding civilian cars as you chase and build traffic. Run faster than high-speed criminals, outsmart rivals, defeat police friends and destroy roads in the most dangerous racing game now!

 Game Features:
 - Adjustable parts including engine, body, chassis and components
 - Many different vehicles with 6 unique heavy weapons
 - Race as you wish! You can be a police or street racer
 - Feel the action with stunning graphics and intense car damage

Police Car Chase Mod Apk (Free Upgrade Car / Weapon)

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