Sea Battle (Mod Apk Unlimited Money)

Sea Battle is a board game that everyone likes since childhood but with new options! Online multiplayer! Fight against players from all over the world! You have a vast arsenal of weapons that you can use: warships, destroyers, bombers, mines, anti-aircraft defenses, radar, and other items. Place your boat of different sizes on the battlefield, launch an aircraft for a large bomb and try to sink the opponent's ship. By combining various positions of ships, planes, anti-aircraft defenses and mines you can develop your own strategy for the game and leave no opportunity for your opponents! Sea Battle is a game with complicated graphics and squared notebook effects, which makes this game original and creates a special atmosphere!

 Game specific features:

 ONLINE WAR: Fight against opponents from all over the world through the Internet! 
 PLAYVSANDROID: Choose the level of difficulty and try to beat Android. Earn points! 
 PLAY THROUGH BLUETOOTH: Set battles against your friends and colleagues via Bluetooth.
 PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS IN ONE DEVICE: Do you want to play with friends on one device? No longer a problem! Placeships, airplanes, mines, AAD and each radar in turn and fight!
 POINTS FOR VICTORIES: Earn points by winning and buying airplanes, mines, AAD and radar and other things!
 CHOOSING AND SETTING THE GAME MODE: Choose classic or advanced game mode. Change your arsenal as you like.
 GLOBAL RATINGS: Become the best Sea Battle player by winning online battles!

Sea Battle (Mod Apk Unlimited Money)

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