Spartan Runner (Mod Apk Unlimited CR)

Spartan Runner is an action game like no other where you run through 8 different areas armed with a trusted shotgun to send back invaders from their place of origin! You can count on a collection of weapons and vehicles that are stronger than each other to help you in your dangerous adventure! Get rewards, medals, praise, ranks and more by playing Spartan Runner!

 With online leaderboards, you can compete with friends and the whole world. Are you good enough to be number 1?
 * NEW: Now with 20 hot missions to complete!
 * Discover amazing 2D graphics
 * Complete yourself with more than 10 weapons and vehicles that are stronger than each other
 * Run through 8 different areas from dark caves to snowy grounds
 * Customize your own Spartan with different helmets and colors
 * Unlock helmets, weapons and vehicle upgrades
 * Complete differents challenges to get praise
 * Get experience on each party to improve your ranking
 * Compare your scores with the whole world with the online leaderboard

Spartan Runner (Mod Apk Unlimited CR)

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