Star Chef Mod Apk (Infinite Cash/ Coin)

Grow from an Amateur cook to a Culinary Master when you cook a variety of delicious dishes from around the world. Build your own classy restaurant in the heart of the city and maintain a high star rating. Run a crowded kitchen with special cooking utensils and manage skilled staff ... all in a fun Star Chef game!

 If you've ever dreamed of becoming a Master Chef and running your own restaurant, now you can with Star Chef! Give your elegant touch to restaurant decor and make it worthy of being a Star-Rating! Need fresh produce for dishes? Grow them in your own backyard for a little freshness! Network with other novice Chefs like you - Trade Brokers and Materials, Help for Cooking and Harvesting and show your support with 'Like'!

 Start your date with the amazing world of food and realize your dream of becoming a Star Chef!

 - Cook and master the taste of world cuisine and aim for the Grand Prize - to become a Star Chef!
 - Build a world-class kitchen with the most sophisticated cooking equipment
 - Hire and manage skilled staff who can keep your kitchen in the form of a ship!
 - Customize and build your dream restaurant with a variety of wall and floor decorations, stylish tables, fountains, and more!
 - Grow fresh produce from your own backyard!
 - Serve delicious food for hungry foodies who visit your restaurant!
 - Trade Cooked Dishes and Materials with other Star Chef players in Food Truck and Chef's Store!
 - Start a busy and expanding catering business for your restaurant empire!
 - Make Your Restaurant Talk of the Town by getting 'Likes' from your fellow Chefs!

Star Chef Mod Apk (Infinite Cash/ Coin)

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