Starlost Mod Apk Money + Obb

Starlost is a top-down space adventure game, mixing tower defense, hell bullets, and classic RPG elements with beautiful 3D graphics.


 Enjoy android games like never before! Explore galaxies with Axel and Ceres as you face impossible obstacles - research, improve, and build defenses to survive.

 • More than 24 types of weapons to be built
 • 10 special abilities to research, improve, and use against enemies
 • More than 20 upgrades for your ship! Make it yours when you travel the galaxy. 

Combining bullet hell, tower defense and alien invasion in a top-down shooter, Starlost drops players in unexplored, hostile galaxies - their only hope: to gather resources and fight on the way home.

 With stunning 3D graphics, the next generation, amazing sound effects, and full physics simulation, you will not be tired of destroying wave after wave of enemies. 

 Build your ship the way you want it to - with a number of upgrading lines and turret styles, you can make a n-gun, or giant giant ship - that's really up to you.

 How to survive hoarding?

 You have several weapons systems available:
 → Rocket Launcher: Launch a package of self-made explosives directly to your enemy!
 → Mass Accelerator: A constant hailstorm from anti-swarm projectiles that barely uses the power of the ship.
 → Rail Gun: A destructive turret that drives small pieces of slag near the speed of light.
 → Ion Beam: Pure directional energy rays - past the magnetic condenser prism - fry the pesky enemies caught in the lane!
 → And accumulate more!

 Dodge, strafe and drift your way through laser fire, torpedoes and missiles as you spread mines, point defense intrigues and more. Mine valuable minerals from local asteroids and extract resources from space scrap to fill your hunger for upgrades and extra firepower!

 Help Axel return to Earth!

 Stranded after accidentally blowing up an inactive quantum weapon, Axel had to use his brain and muscles to fight back to the center of the galaxy - where the gate of his house was waiting.

 His faithful AI sidekick, Ceres, controls the parent and operating bases, while he is on an extended voyage to mine platinum, gold and other minerals from the asteroid belt - using resources to build better weaponry and devising ways to curve to the next sector.

 Axel knew that in the end, he would be faced with a giant, dark force. These enemies ... where did they come from? Who sent them and why did they want to stop their progress? The mystery of the galaxy is at the tips of his fingers.

Starlost Mod Apk Money + Obb

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