Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages Mod Apk (unlimited money / diamond) + OBB

Strategy & Tactics Dark Ages is a turn-based strategy game set in the violent world of alternative European Middle Ages. Vikings against war elephants, shooters against Mongol cavalry, legions of ancient phalanx against crusaders; the deadliest army in Earth's history clashed in a bloody victory war.

 Soldiers without leadership are only the masses. In the Dark Ages, troops followed their commander's leadership: unique leaders with their own virtues, crime, talent, risk, history and weaknesses.

 Take the throne of a small kingdom in Europe that is torn apart by disputes and threatened by militant neighbors, and try to survive the Dark Ages.

 Recruit troops and commanders, train and improve their skills, practice tactical surveys and create the best soldiers on Earth, attack cities and destroy entire countries, develop economies, politics, explore and conquer Europe! Act like a leader! feature

6 factions with unique generals and squads: agile nomads from the Horde, armored and disciplined Imperial warriors, barbarian crazy Sea dressed feathers, gunpowder welding unions, proud knights from the North, and exotic cults from the Twin River. 

More than 50 types of troops based on real history forces. There is no armored bikini or pauldron spiked here!

Generals are the key to a team, and their skills and abilities can drastically change the outcome of the battle. Each general has a unique personality that is produced at the beginning of each game. Each has their own appearance, character and abilities. It is impossible to predict who will appear in the next round: a brave but simple knight, a tactical genius who is gifted but greedy, or a bloodthirsty barbarian who instills fear in friends and enemies.

Feel like an elite mercenary that solves the problems of influential countries: win civil war, fight nomads, deal with pirates who invade the coast, save the kingdom plagued by plague, or destroy peasant rebellion.

Upgrade your troops in the royal workshop and lead them to a victory march that will go down in Medieval European history!

Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages Mod Apk (unlimited money / diamond) + OBB

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