The Horus Heresy: Legions – TCG card battle game Mod Apk

This is Space Marine versus Space Marine at The Horus Heresy: Legions, a new strategy card game (TCG) where your card action and battles change the game. 

Choose your Legion, collect cards and make a set of Space Marines assisted by Mechanicum, Imperial Army, or Chaos to rule the galaxy. Join guilds, discuss card and deck strategies, and fight in PvP Arena card battles. Choose sides in the epic Faction War to influence which cards, cosmetics, and new Legions are added to the game. Enter The Horus Heresy, one of the richest settings in the world of Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop, for the first time as an online TCG card game.

 IT'S THE 31st MILLENIIUM: Revealing the origins of the 40,000 Warhammer epic. The Betrayal Legion fought against the Emperor. Play epic solo campaigns, rank PvP and multiplayer PvP Arena through the most tragic civil war in 40,000 Warhammer history.

 TCG LEGIONS AT WAR: Expand your card collection while Warhammer's new Space Marine Legion 40,000 knowledge is added, each with a unique list and card strategy. The battlefield is constantly changing in this strategy card game!

 TRUE CARD SKILLS: Battle in PvP Epic Ranking and Dark Closed Arena. Build a stack of your card collection or master each Sealed Deck Arena using a card that you don't have yet.

 GUILD WAR: Coordinate with your guild in an epic PvP Arena card battle that determines the evolution of this TCG strategy card game. Discuss the card strategy and try your card in a friendship card duel. Battle other guilds and develop your card collection!

 Delete a group of card groups in the card group to unlock the full hero and card; remove the change card group cooling time; lock the number of cards 3 (cause BUG: the hero card is also 3, when the new card group selects the hero Duplicate hero appears); the card may disappear after restarting the game, repeat the above operatio

The Horus Heresy: Legions – TCG card battle game Mod Apk

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