Vital Gear Mod Apk ( Weak Enemy HP/Damage)

Humanity vs AI - real time battle RPG The strongest tank x beautiful girl ★ Transcendental battle! Body and girl training, up to 20 vs 20 multi online battles Come enjoy!

 == Story == 

 AI is relieved or desperate for humanity - 

 90% of the human race is lost because of the mysterious devotion of the engine "NO-RA (Nora)" ... The girls are still dead, and are fighting for the future of mankind with "Vital Gear" vehicle type weapons. 

 The popular serial series on WEB Manga, the AIvs dark fantasy episode in the near future, which describes the battle of mankind, has finally become a smart phone game! 

 == System == 

 Bring a girl crew with equipment (tanks) and go to battle for a while! Attributes · Battle types of changes in attack power and defense. Let's fight against the weakness of the enemy! 

We produce seven "parts" to produce gears. Adjust the free exchange section! Also the bazaar with other players and the buying and selling section. 

Girls with the power of "superiority (qualia)". Let's fight with various skills such as assault and defense, recovery, and enhancement. Further strengthening and breaking through the boundaries show true strength!

 == Multiplayer ==

 Enjoy two "real-time online battles"! See battle situations that change at any time, Team up with your friends and win! 

Free matching that matches up to 10 vs 10 └ Automatic team creation when an entry is made. Let's win with people who just meet every time 

Up to 20 vs 20 union matches (GVG) └ Union vs Union Battle of Union! Aim for battle No.1 with coalition partners!

Vital Gear Mod Apk ( Weak Enemy HP/Damage)

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